About The Active Collection

Welcome to the Mayline®-Safco® Active Collection. Here you will always find a ball chair bouncing, desks just standing around and perch chairs doing all the work. We’re taking our combined 125 years of experience and our most well-known, and some not so well-known, active working products and creating an Active Working Collection. Not only will you be able to find all our movers and shakers here, but also our innovative leaning seats that add a little more ergo and a lot more active to create an extensive line of active product solutions for every workspace, all without breaking a sweat. Isn’t it time you became Active?

Brand Statement

Safco Active pushes the limits of modern furniture by challenging the assumption that sitting behind a desk all day is the only way to work. Your body was built to move and we think it’s time your workspace did the same. By providing you the tools to make healthy happen, we allow everyone to become more active during their day. When you aren’t confined to traditional ways of working, you create small changes that add up to make a big impact on your work and life. By building a movement rich environment, you can make a dynamic workspace where you can continually be active, focused and more productive. You are Safco Active.

What is SafcoActive?