About Us

Safco has been part of education since saddle shoes were in style. And since you might still be using school desks from that era, we’re introducing Learn by Safco®. Learn by Safco is a comprehensive collection of our favorite Safco products designed to enhance your educational environment at a mid-market value.

Unlike those standardize tests we hear so much about, our collection of products is Anything But Standard. The Learn by Safco product line started in the office, which means we have product solutions that are flexible and go beyond the classroom. Our products provide solutions for every space across your school from the classroom and front office to the teacher’s lounge and everything in between.

And we don’t take the “everything in between” lightly. Today’s learning takes place throughout the school, not only in the classroom. That’s why our products are designed to be mobile, keep students active, and most importantly, allow flexibility. Our solutions can grow along with your classroom, media center, learning labs, common areas or the next environment that enhances learning. See how Learn by Safco can help your educational space meet today’s needs, while giving your school the ability to plan for the future.

At Learn by Safco, we’re solving your educational furniture equation from flexible seating to paper organization – one innovative product at a time.