The AlphaBetter Desk is making the news with its unique ability to get students standing and moving while in class. Check out the video: California School Children Step Up to Standing Desks

Creating a Better Classroom

For many students everyday classroom life involves trying to sit still, taking focus away from learning. With the AlphaBetter® Desk, students are able to stand up during the school day and move without being a distraction to their classmates or teachers, while also potentially improving their concentration.

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AlphaBetter® Desk: Falling Asleep in History Class is History.

Giving students the chance to move while they work on projects, papers and even taking a test has many advantages. Studies have shown that moving may help increase academic abilities, facilitate learning and that fidgeting may help burn extra calories. The patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar (fidget bar) can enable students to keep moving while redirecting fidgeting behavior, expending energy and helping students focus on classroom activities.


Large durable work surface makes the grade for group or individual work. The desktops are available in two sizes to fit any classroom needs, and comes with the choice of a Standard or Premium, or Dry Erase top. Both tops are extremely durable and chemical and impact resistant.

Adjustable Height

Teachers and other adults can easily adjust the height in 11/4" increments to fit the heights of students in grades 3-12. It can also move with students as they grow.

Book Box (optional)

Add the extra deep Book Box for students to store their school supplies or personal items.

Book Shelf

The Book Shelf is great for keeping school supplies and personal items within easy reach.

Patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar (Fidget Bar)

Keep students moving with the patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar. The bar is noise free, encouraging students to keep moving through the school day without distracting others. It can also be used with the AlphaBetter stool to encourage movement even while seated. The bar easily flips for cleaning clearance. Patent Nos. US: 8061278, 8291833. Canada: 2711897. China Patent ZL200980101892.1.


The metal swivel glides make the desk and stool easy to move across carpeted and smooth surfaces to easily reconfigure any classroom.

Stool Top

The AlphaBetter® Stool allows students to sit and still use the patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar. Tops available in Black or Beige.

Stool Base

The AlphaBetter® Stool is the perfect substitute for standing. The stools adjust in 11/4" increments (211/2" and 351/2" ) just like its companion the AlphaBetter® Desk. The specially designed wide-angle base is virtually tip-resistant. Even for the most avid learners.

Desk Specification
Standard Work Surface:

28"W x 20"D or 36"W x 24"D
5/8" thick MDF with Thermoplastic Laminate

Premium Work Surface:

28"W x 20"D or 36"W x 24"D
3/8" thick Phenolic

Dry Erase Surface:

28"W x 20"D or 36"W x 24"D


26"W x 22"D footprint
1" square powder coated 16 gauge welded steel construction
Nylon leveler feet

Height Adjustment:

26" to 42"
Above industry standard

Lower Shelf:

26"W x 8"D, 1/4" thick Phenolic
Additional storage shelf

Patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar:

5/8" diameter tube
20"W footrest area
Patent Nos. US 8061278 and 8291833. Canada: 2711897. China: ZL 2009 8 0101892.1

Product Overview
AlphaBetter® Desk (28 x 20" top):

1201BE - Standard Top, Beige - without Book Box
1202BE - Standard Top, Beige - with Book Box
1203GR - Premium Top, Gray - without Book Box
1204GR - Premium Top, Gray - with Book Box

AlphaBetter® Desk (36 x 24" top):

1206BE - Standard Top, Beige - without Book Box
1207BE - Standard Top, Beige - with Book Box
1208GR - Premium Top, Gray - without Book Box
1209GR - Premium Top, Gray - with Book Box

Desktop Swatches:
Standard Top - Beige
Standard Top - Beige
Premium Top - Gray
Premium Top - Gray
AlphaBetter® Stool:

1205BL - Black Seat
1205BE - Beige Seat

Stool Top Swatches:
Black Stool Top
Beige Stool Top
Book Box:

22"W x 15"D x 43/4"H
Extra deep, steel storage box

Stool Specification

13"W x 13"D
5/8" thick MDF with Thermoplastic Laminate


11/4" square, powder coated, 16 gauge welded steel construction
Metal swivel glides

Height Adjustment:

211/2" to 351/2"

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