• ObesityObesity
  • Increased FocusIncreased Focus
  • Potential Health BenefitsPotential Health Benefits

Desk Specification

Standard Work Surface:

28"W x 20"D or 36"W x 24"D
5/8" thick MDF with Thermoplastic Laminate

Premium Work Surface:

28"W x 20"D or 36"W x 24"D
3/8" thick Phenolic


26"W x 22"D footprint
1" square powder coated 16 gauge welded steel construction
Nylon leveler feet

Height Adjustment:

26" to 42"
Above industry standard

Lower Shelf:

26"W x 8"D, 1/4" thick Phenolic
Additional storage shelf

Patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar:

5/8" diameter tube
20"W footrest area
Patent Nos. 8061278 and 8291833

Product Overview

AlphaBetter® Desk (28 x 20 top):

1201BE - Standard Top, Beige - w/o Book Box
1202BE - Standard Top, Beige - w/ Book Box
1203GR - Premium Top, Gray - w/o Book Box
1204GR - Premium Top, Gray - w/ Book Box

AlphaBetter® Desk (36 x 24 top):

1206BE - Standard Top, Beige - w/o Book Box
1207BE - Standard Top, Beige - w/ Book Box
1208GR - Premium Top, Gray - w/o Book Box
1209GR - Premium Top, Gray - w/ Book Box

Desk Swatches:

Standard Top - Beige
Standard Top - Beige
Premium Top - Gray
Premium Top - Gray

AlphaBetter® Stool:

1205BL - Black Seat
1205BE - Beige Seat

Stool Swatches:

Black Stool Top
Beige Stool Top


Book Box:

22"W x 15"D x 43/4"H
Extra deep, steel storage box

Stool Specification


13"W x 13"D
5/8" thick MDF with Thermoplastic Laminate


11/4" square, powder coated, 16 gauge welded steel construction
Metal swivel glides

Height Adjustment:

211/2" to 351/2"

  • Fidgeting is the body's natural way to stimulate the brain. It helps to increase blood flow to help improve concentration.
    Marks Psychiatry / MarksPsychiatry.com
  • I think these desks have really helped me with my concentration and it makes things a lot easier, and I don’t feel like I’m going to fall asleep because I am active. It’s really hard to sit for 84 min. four times a day. I feel like I can see more and I can see into detail with books and homework a lot more than before. My grades on essays and tests have been slightly better because I feel a lot better, and when we had to sit in the regular desks for five days I felt really tired and like I wasn’t focused at all.
    11th Grade Student / Jefferson High School, Bloomington, MN
  • Increasing blood flow to the brain through movement is important, as studies show that learning is a multisensory event, and that by engaging all the senses we can increase the likelihood of students retaining the lessons they are learning.
    R.Rotz & S. Wright / Fidget to Focus
  • The Stand Up desks are one of many innovative ideas coming from the exceptional educators in the Stillwater Area Public Schools. Our students and teachers are already seeing changes in the classroom and believe the desks are helping increase focus and learning. Anytime we can get students excited to learn - that’s a victory for us. We’re excited to team with researchers to find data to support what our students are already telling us.
    Keith Ryskoski, Superintendent / Stillwater, MN
  • Some studies show that standing alone can burn up to an extra 350 calories a day.
    Washington Post / WashingtonPost.com
  • I only received it about a month ago or so, but when I put it in place for the student who I thought would benefit the most from it, that one piece of furniture made a world of difference. When I first looked at it, I thought anyone who would think this is going to make a difference is nuts! But, I couldn’t have been more wrong! When I put one of my students in it, the desk immediately worked to keep that individual in their seat. I had to adjust it to be at sitting height, but that’s the way the student wanted it. I was sold at that moment. I wanted to order three more for the others who have a tough time keeping still. The “un-disruptive” movement allowed in this desk is just the ticket for those students who can’t sit still in their desks. I want more!
    Chuck, Third Grade Teacher / Algoma Elementary School
  • A study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed that using the AlphaBetter® Desk rather than a standard sitting desk did burn more calories.
    Christopher Reiff, Kara Marlatt, Donald R. Denger
    Journal of Physical Activity and Health / Journals.HumanKinetics.com
  • Sudies conducted by Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic show small movements such as fidgeting can have a large impact on calorie exenditure. His studies focused on why some people gained weight and others did not when eating the same amount of calories each day. He found that the leaner participants move more. These were small movements such as getting up to go to the water cooler or bathroom more, and even just standing up.
    J.A. Levine & C.M. Kotz / www3.InterScience.Wiley.com
  • I use standing stations everyday. Here are what ways I think they helped me during MCA math and reading tests. I think they helped me stay motivated and awake. It’s hard to remember what normal desks are like, because I’ve gotten so used to standing stations. I remember being horribly exhausted, eager to be done, and unfocused. It was great to get to stand up this year. Even right now, I’m restless sitting in a chair by the computer. This year I felt like if I couldn’t figure a question out I could just pace around the station and it would help. The tests seemed a lot easier this year.
    Luke, 6th Grade Student / Minnesota
  • Researchers are predicting that this generation of children could be the first in over 200 years to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity. Ensuring movement in the classroom with the AlphaBetter® Desk is a great first step toward making this a false statement.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / CDC.gov
  • The desk gives students the opportunity to move, be more focused and comfortable. When you achieve this, you automatically have students learning more.
    Dr. Robert Weaver Weaver Center / Wayland, MA
  • Changes I have seen since having the desks... I see that the students I have placed in the desks are more alert. I purposely placed several students that have a hard time focusing and staying awake in the desks and standing for class has definitely made a difference in their engagement. The students in the stations are rarely caught spacing out as well.
    High School English Teacher / Minnesota
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