Safco | Mayline Neocon 2017
  • If the Shoes Fits – Make Your Move to both our showrooms as they each have a lot to offer. Stop by each showroom to receive your game piece to enter to win a Locus™ Bundle.

    Active Awards (1147) – You’ve seen how our Active Collection will get you moving now it’s your move to select the product that makes you want to keep moving all day long. When you turn in your ballot you will be entered into winning a Mogo Seat.

    Active XPerience (331) – We have a new way to find your perfect posture. Come try our leaning seats and see how to activate your inner Posture Perfectionist. And when you finish your Active XPerience you will be entered to win a Mogo Seat.

    Prizes – Make your next move a winning one by singing up to enter for your chance to win one of our Mogo Seats. Simply enter at either, or both, of our showrooms. And we’re giving you even more chances to win! Participate in our Acitve Awards on the 11th floor or the Active XPerience on the 3rd floor for more chances to claim your spot in the Mayline – Safco winner’s circle.

    Barista – We will have a barista in showroom 1147.
    Monday, June 12th and Tuesday, June 13th
    9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
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