AlphaBetter® Desk Website

A New Way to Play

March 2013—Safco Products Company has found “A New Way to Play” by creating a website specifically for the AlphaBetter® Desk. Featuring an interactive guide to the AlphaBetter, feature videos and product specs, the website reinforces the qualities that make the desk exceptional for student use.

The AlphaBetter has many impressive features, enhanced by the interactive guide. With the easy-to-use format and its ability to keep all of the information in one place, both the beginner and expert will gain new knowledge about the AlphaBetter. Just simply click on a “hotspot” to start learning about a specific feature.

As you scroll down the website, you’ll find our collection of feature videos. These informative and creatively produced videos will provide information on our AlphaBetter concepts and why they are so important for students to learn as part of their school lessons. With topics ranging from childhood obesity and potential health benefits, to ADHD and increasing focus, everyone will become an advocate for the AlphaBetter in no time at all.

The product specs section displays the specifics of the AlphaBetter and how to personalize it. With information like desk dimensions, color swatches and optional additions, finding an AlphaBetter to fit right in with a classroom is as easy as 1,2,3.

Visit to discover how the AlphaBetter is providing students with “A New Way to Play”.

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