UnUrth Every Space’s Possibilities

Safco’s Cava® Urth™ Chair is Striving to Make Every Environment Better

March 2013 – Make every day Urth day with seating designed with eco in mind and comfort no one can resist. Safco’s Cava® Urth™ chair is creating spaces that every environment can be proud of by making workspace recycling come full circle.

Cava Urth’s unique story begins when a plastic bottle is recycled. Used water, soda and even laundry detergent bottles all gain new life as Cava Urth, Safco’s award-winning eco-product development. Cava Urth is designed with multiple components made from recycled materials, as well as materials that are recyclable. 100% of Cava Urth’s core components are manufactured from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. And since the chair is over 99% recyclable by weight, its life continues even after the seating experience ends.

To achieve such a high-recycled content, Safco paired up with IRT, a Michigan based plant that reuses plastic destined for landfills by turning it into durable items that manufacturers want, such as seating components. These components consist primarily of seat and back inserts, and utilize post-consumer and post-industrial plastics derived from 100% recycled thermo plastic. This translates into common plastic bottles used throughout the workspace, such as water and soda bottles, converted directly into reusable materials. Because of the conversion process from waste to usable components, there are no toxic byproducts formed and all waste is recycled through the course of creation.

One thing users will notice, is that Urth is designed for function with an open style-plan that allows it to fit into any environment. The three styles (High Back, Straight Leg Guest and Sled Base Guest) further promote Urth as a natural addition to any space. Cava Urth’s unique manufacturing process was intentionally integrated into an existing chair, offering a naturally competitive price point. The product line seeks to challenge the expectations that sustainable purchases are a budget breaking experience.

This winning combination has not gone unnoticed. Cava Urth won the North American Office Products (NAOPA) “Environmentally-friendly Product of the Year” award in 2012. This award highlights Safco’s dedication to improving all spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Although the Cava Urth line was inspired by nature, it is really about making the most of our valuable resources, whether they are part of our natural environment or work environment. Cava Urth is proving that some things are better the second time around.

See Safco’s Cava® Urth™ Video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1BiHDEGKA8

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