Sol™ Task Chair

A Bright Ray of Sustainability

March 2013—Safco’s Sol™ Chair helps support individuals as much as it supports the planet. This earth-friendly chair has the sun, grass and oceans on its side with its high content of recycled and recyclable materials.

Inspired by nature and the sun’s warming rays, Sol emanates beauty and functionality as a platform for comfort and environmental sustainability. The smart design of Sol aims to renew more than the working environment, making it attractive to the nature-lover in all of us. Featuring a synchro-tilt mechanism with locking positions, tilt tension control and a beautiful swooping back hugging a steel frame with sleek metal accents, Sol helps to encourage growth within its surroundings, no matter if they’re a forest of trees or cubicles.

Nature takes no downtime, which is why the design of Sol allows for a great impact indoors and less impact out. The chair is comprised of 72% recycled content and over 98% recyclable content, maximizing the use of recycled materials and creating a positive impact on the environment that far outlasts the seating experience.

Sol creates a seat that makes the most of our valuable resources and proves that sustainability can mean comfort. With this sustainability, and the ray of relaxation that’s provided, both the individual and the planet will experience the positive light of Sol.

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