Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair Offers Zenful Seating Experience

May 2013, Minneapolis – First introduced at NeoCon in 2012, Safco’s Zenergy™ Ball Chair has grown in popularity since its launch. Although most users are primarily attracted to its colorful, fun appearance, these ball chairs are designed to provide a healthy place to sit, and those who use them are noticing some positive changes in their working habits.

It’s no surprise Zenergy’s are becoming popular considering the growing interest in combating a sedentary lifestyle. The mesh covered, bouncing seat was designed to encourage movement that aids in concentration while supporting core balance. Keeping the body actively engaged means a potential increase in core muscle strength. The ball design forces you to use mid-region muscles that you normally don’t exercise when sitting in a typical office chair.

Larry G. Merritt, DC and Celynne M Merritt, DC, describe case studies in The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, reporting two patients experiencing recurring lower back pain. Both were instructed to use an exercise ball chair during the workweek. Both patients reported alleviations of their back pain due to the use of the chair as a form of treatment.1

Studies are inconclusive regarding the health benefits associated with utilizing a ball chair. Scientific evidence supporting an overall improvement in core strength due to these types of alternative chairs is relatively new. However, studies affirming the necessity for an interruption in prolonged static sitting have been around for quite some time. The Zenergy Ball Chair is designed to do just that. It grants postural freedom for the user. This not only forces the body to react to the shift in position, but also provides relief from the stress associated with lack of movement.

Although the ball chairs are not recommended for prolonged use (defined as more than 4 hours per day), moderate use can lead to beneficial outcomes. With increased awareness surrounding what has been termed Sitting Disease2, employee requests for alternative seating arrangements and standing workstations are increasing dramatically.

The Zenergy Ball Chair from Safco Products Company is designed with an anti-burst ball and a stable base for less than the price of many task chairs. “The response to the Zenergy’s has been tremendous,” comments Lisa Traun, the product line’s Category Manager. “It’s amazing how many individuals request two; one for the workplace and one for the home office.”

The seating line was so successful, Safco launched Runtz™, a smaller version of the ball chair specifically designed for children. Safco also offers the AlphaBetter® Desk, a standing-height option (originally designed for learning environments) which not only contributes to a potential increase in calorie burn (up to 350 a day!) but aids the increased oxygen flow needed to maintain sharp focus using a patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar located at the base of the desk.

Together, Zenergy and Runtz can make an unbeatable team when placed in many spaces, including healthcare facilities, hospitality areas and educational spaces. In the educational arena, their ability to promote concentration while supporting posture and balance makes this duo perfect for students and staff alike. Whether the ball chairs are being used to problem solve or to have a casual conversation, users will find themselves more actively engaged which is ideal for every education environment.

Although a healthier learning and work-style is alluring, the real story is about balance - breaking up your sitting routine at work with something that encourages movement. This, in combination with a standing station or ergonomic chair, allows the user to choose the best-suited position for their task and their body; a small, but important move leading to a healthier work experience. Traun adds, “Office environments are always at risk of becoming stagnant, and so are our bodies. We’re simply hoping to make positive change a little easier to achieve.”

1Merritt, L. G., & Merritt, C. M. (2007). The gym ball as a chair for the back pain patient: A two case report. The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, 51 (1), 50-55.

2Nelson, J., & Zeratsky, K. (2012, July 25). Do you have 'sitting disease' [Web log post]? Retrieved from MY02177

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