President Proclaims National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month September 2013

Safco’s Products Help Combat Childhood Obesity

September 2013—Safco® Products is an active participant in the fight against childhood obesity through product offerings that support an Active Classroom environment, strengthening the trend toward healthier lifestyles for every child. Environments that encourage physical activity are becoming crucial, as President Barack Obama recently declared September 2013 as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

“We all share in the responsibility of helping our Nation’s children enjoy longer, healthier lives,” said President Obama. “Together, we can give them the energy and confidence to learn, excel and pursue their dreams.”1

By bringing physical activity back into the classroom, products like the AlphaBetter® Desk, Runtz™ Ball Chair and Zenergy™ Ball Chair inspire productivity and movement, adding physical activity to each child’s school day and advocating healthy lessons to last a lifetime.

Healthy lessons start with simple ways to get moving, such as standing instead of sitting at a desk, or using a seat that actively engages the core instead of slouching into a chair back2. The AlphaBetter Desk gives children the option to stand at their desk and naturally fidget with its patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar, allowing children to burn more calories than at traditional sitting desks3.

The Zenergy and Runtz Ball Chairs are designed as a healthy place to sit. The bouncing seat lets the body freely move, yet stay balanced to potentially increase core muscle strength. These products effectively get kids moving, helping to combat childhood obesity and creating a foundation for a healthier way to work and learn.

Today, obesity affects millions of American children and teenagers, putting them at risk for serious health issues4. After several years of childhood obesity rates exponentially increasing, recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that rates remain steady and are even decreasing in some areas5. During National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and into the future, the President emphasizes the importance to continue this positive trend and to promote healthy living for children nationwide.

By utilizing Safco product solutions in an Active Classroom environment, children have the opportunity to get active in the simplest of ways, allowing for a healthier learning environment and more importantly, a healthier lifestyle.

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