Safco Products Company Announces New Logo, Branding

January 2014 – Safco Products Company is happy to announce their new logo and branding. The refreshing and exciting design elements and language represent Safco’s new brand promise that focuses on Office Happiness.

The idea of Office Happiness is centered on human interaction and the commitment to design quality products that make people happy. The relationships between the people, workspaces and the work that occurs there is the inspiration that’s driving Safco forward. The reinvention of the logo signifies the newly revitalized Safco brand with a more dynamic, collaborative and fun feel to it, while still encouraging that “roll up your sleeves and get your work done” attitude.

“I’m very excited about the new look and feel for Safco,” said Nat Porter, General Manager, Safco Products, “The new logo and brand is about embracing our identity—incorporating our great history and our new persona into one. It’s the beginning of something truly great”.

This transformation comes at a time when distinctly collaborative, fun work environments that attract and keep the top talent are becoming more important; it’s where Safco’s mission is getting down to business. Their mission is designed to help create workspaces that energize and inspire with dynamic products that make people more happy and productive.

Turning human interaction into results, Safco is creating the products you need to make the daily grind less of a grind and tools to make people happier and more in-tune with collaboration and their work. From chairs and tables, to AV carts, filings systems and waste receptacles, Safco has all of the little things that make an office tick, making the unsung heroes of office products really sing. With the beginning of a new year and a shiny new look, Safco is ready to turn office chaos into harmony.

Brand Promise: “We don’t sell office furniture and products, we sell office happiness. Office furniture and products is how we can best deliver it.”

The road to Office Happiness starts at

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