Take a Stand for Good Health with Safco® Standing Workstations

Xpressions™ and Scoot™ Standing Workstations Support Healthy Workspace Initiative

July 2014 –Safco Products is standing-up to sitting down with two new stand-up workstations, Xpressions and Scoot. These workstations allow users to stand while working, supporting Safco’s Healthy Workspace Initiative by encouraging an important balance between sitting, standing and movement throughout the workday while potentially helping to combat the sedentary behavior that plagues many workspaces.

With many studies that indicate sitting may have adverse effects on health, there are other studies to show the use of a standing workstation may offer a healthy alternative. One study from the University of Minnesota found that by using a standing workstation, caloric expenditure increases significantly and may even lead to improvements in posture1. As the above study suggests, working well can take on a whole new meaning when using a standing workstation. Safco’s new Xpressions Stand-Up Workstation is specially designed so users can naturally fidget and move while standing, with its patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar. It’s also a great-looking option for many different environments, from a home workspace to an office or professional space.

The Scoot Stand-Up Workstation is another option to break up a sitting routine. With the option to stand, this workstation provides users with a healthy spot to work. In addition to the health benefits of standing, the workstation’s unique hole-pattern design with a side pocket makes it a functional, eye-catching addition to any workspace. Scoot also comes in a sitting version that can nest together with the standing option to create a smaller footprint in work areas.

Although the workstations bring an attractive and useful element to workspaces, the real focus is placed on the health benefits these workstations may provide for workers now and into the future.

Join Safco in standing up for stand-up workstations with Xpressions and Scoot. It can be a simple first step in creating healthy workspaces for all.

1Reiff, C., Marlatt, K., & Dengel, D. (2012). Difference in caloric expenditure in sitting versus standing desks. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 2012, 9, 1009-1011.

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