Mayline®—Safco® Announces the Launch of Kick™ Balance Board at NeoCon

Minneapolis (June, 2017): Mayline®—Safco® is excited to announce the addition of Kick™ Balance Board to the Active Collection.

The Kick Balance Board is designed to encourage a more active workday by promoting continual, low-intensity movements during use, similar to fidgeting. The movement and balance encouraged by Kick may help to increase focus and muscle engagement for a healthier day compared to sitting..

Kick's design allows the user to choose the level of engagement. The sturdy base provides plenty of stability for novice users, while advanced users can easily add more movement into their use of Kick. With lightweight design and molded-in handles, Kick is easily transported across the workplace for use in a variety of spaces throughout the day..

Kick pairs well with standing or adjustable-height tables and desks. Additionally, the anti-fatigue surface helps combat pain and fatigue that can come from standing. The Kick Balance Board is one of several new products that Safco will be featuring this year at NeoCon. See how you can activate your workspace and come move with us in showroom 331, and see even more space options in showroom 1147.

Kick the habit of a sedentary workday with intuitive, low-intensity movements.

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This product is part of the Active Collection line; The Active Collection products are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many workplace settings.

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