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Suitable Seating: Because even standing tall can put a kink in your neck.
Mayline®—Safco® offers a variety of seating to help businesses find the right solution for their employees and the tasks they need to perform. From perch seats to extended-height chairs, Mayline—Safco can provide suitable seating across the working environment. For many employees in California, suitable seating is the law, but giving employees seating to help them be more comfortable while they work should be front of mind for every workspace.
There have been big pushes lately to incorporate more standing and movement into the workday. However, anyone who already stands at their job for long periods of time can attest that too much standing is hard on the body. Fatigue, aches and pains, and discomfort from the feet up to the neck can accompany those who are standing up for the majority of their workday. Luckily, there’s a solution. Leaning or perch seating can help by providing the comfort of sitting while maintaining an upright and active posture. Whereas sitting can cause workers to look disengaged, a perch seat that promotes an open standing posture may keep them comfortable and engaged. At Mayline—Safco we recognize the challenge of identifying the optimal solution that meets the suitable seating needs, and that is where the Active Collection comes in.

  • Cashier stations
  • Retail stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Classrooms
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Etc.

our suitable seats await

the active collection has a variety of seats to help employers find suitable seats

our # 1 choice:
Mobis® II Seat by Focal Upright™
Black Cushion / FFS-2000-BK
Focal™ Mobis® II
Mayline—Safco’s Focal Mobis II seat is an ideal solution for many individual workers who need suitable seating. Designed to work with the body, the seat keeps the spine in a neutral posture and engages the major muscle groups throughout the workday, all while allowing employees to maintain a functional work reach.

1. Tri-Flex seat cushion with built-in sitz bone contours for plush support all day long

2. Seat pan is cantilevered forward to promote the optimal open hip angle

3. Waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the upper legs which may aid in healthy circulation throughout the workday

4. Easy-adjust handles that lift and lower the seat height quickly

5. Sleek and modern design aesthetic gently enforces good posture by returning your spine to its healthy S-curve

6. Space-saving design features ellipse-shaped base with non-slip footing that provides stability while remaining portable

Graham, a barista at Updike's Newtowne Coffee in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, has been using his Mobis seat behind the cash register for a year — "enough time for me to learn to love it," he says. Behind the bar, Graham looks upright, professional, and ready to move at a moment's notice (all while making the tastiest lattes around).

Graham's seat is:
COMPACT: "I like that the seat is small. We don't have a lot of space behind the counter."
PORTABLE: "When the shop gets really busy I can move the seat to clear up the area."
ADJUSTABLE: "All the baristas can use the same Mobis behind the counter. It's quick and easy to adjust."

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Mobis seat was provided by Mayline-Safco.