Working and Learning from Home

Who knew we’d be spending so much time at home trying to accomplish all the things we used to do at the office and in school? After months of virtual activities, it may finally be time for you to stop trying to run Zoom meetings from your sofa or trying to get your kids to learn quadratic equations while balancing themselves on a kitchen stool. Make the most of an unexpected situation by setting yourself up for success within your home base.

There’s No Place Like Home for Work

The great work from home experiment of 2020 hasn’t been without challenges, but it has proven to be successful. Enough so that, according to a Gartner survey, 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic.

Just because you’ve been working in your pajamas lately doesn’t mean that you must generate those TPS reports lying in bed. While not everyone has the luxury of having a separate room to use as a dedicated home office, there are space-saving furniture options available that support your essential work needs for a desk and storage.

Sure, you’ve managed up to this point, but if this is going to be a longer-term arrangement, it only makes sense that you think through a much more efficient set-up to help you be more productive. Not to mention that your back can only take so much slouching.

Work from Home

Learn from Home

Consider work from home solutions designed specifically for compact footprints. Choose light-scale furnishings that can be easily tucked into tight areas without overwhelming the space. Select durable furniture that requires minimal assembly so that you can get right down to business quickly. And don’t forget to pair your new work surface and storage with ergonomic seating to maximize your comfort while you’re checking off your to-do’s.

Online Learning

As difficult as the transition has been from working at the office to working from home, attending school online has been especially challenging for students. The US Census Bureau reported that, in 2020, 93% of households with school-age children have been engaged in some form of remote learning. And while 75% of adults have managed to remain productive working from home (based on a Boston Consulting Group survey), preliminary research about online learning's efficacy isn't as promising.

According to Education Week’s April 2020 article, “How Effective Is Online Learning?” students may have more distractions and less oversight when in an online setting, which can reduce their motivation for learning. Helping to minimize distractions by giving students a designated spot for focused learning is a big step toward supporting their educational goals.

Select furniture sized perfectly for tucking away in a corner, made of durable materials to withstand young learners' not-so-gentle treatment. Add light-scaled storage to keep books and school supplies organized and accessible. Instead of a hard, straight-backed chair, consider dynamic seating designed that allows active minds and bodies to move and fidget comfortably as they engage in their studies.

Safco Ready Collection

From compact desks and storage that can fit in tight spaces to ergonomic seating that supports your body’s every move, Safco offers solutions that will turn your home into the ultimate productivity zone. Explore our Simple Collection and Ready Collection for easy to assemble options that ship quickly to enhance working and learning in no time.

Safco Simple Collection

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