SAFCO® GSA Contract No. GS-29F-0010P:

(February, 2021) SAFCO® Adds COVID-19 Wellness Products to our GSA Contract No. GS-29F-0010P

Safco has added the majority of its COVID-19 wellness products to their GSA Contract including Sneeze Guards, Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panels, Modular Guards, and Temperature Stations. These products meet the specifications in the 'COVID-19 Furniture Products and Services Report' published by GSA in July 2020 -, and they are eligible to be added to our dealer partner Package Office Contracts as well. All standard GSA terms and conditions, pricing and order requirements apply. 

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(August, 2020) SAFCO® Designated as a GSA Contract Disaster Recovery Supplier through our GSA Contract No. GS-29F-0010P

State and Local government entities receiving federal funds because of the declared COVID-19 national emergency can utilize our GSA schedule to procure Disaster Relief products and services. In addition, a GSA non-availability determination for TAA and BAA COVID-19 is now in place. This means that open market items are also eligible for the same GSA Contract terms and conditions.

A letter from the purchaser must accompany the GSA order, as directed by GSA, to reflect:

“This order is placed under GSA Contract No. GS-29F-0010P under the authority of the GSA Disaster Purchasing program. The products and services purchased will be used in preparation or response to disasters or recovery from major disaster declared by the President.”
All standard GSA terms and conditions, pricing and order requirements apply.

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OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (subsidiaries National IPA and U.S. Communities)

All Safco® products are currently available through OMNIA contract # R191814. View our contract details here.

About OMNIA Partners: OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Our immense purchasing power and industry-leading suppliers have produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide. 

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For additional information or questions regarding State Contracts, please contact:

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