Self-serve or Seek the Expertise of Safco's Dedicated Design Support

Designing just the right space is easy when working with Safco products. Our products are available in 2020 (Cyncly) and through the Safco Configura CET extension. You can also find the CAD and Revit files for many products on our website. If available, these files are located under the downloads tab on the product detail page. Please note, that we no longer supported CAD and Revit files for products after 2019. 

We provide expert space planning services, crafting bespoke workspace and storage solutions that incorporate our entire product lineup, such as TechWorks and Mobile 1000. Our design renderings showcase Safco products in your space, highlighting colors and textures for a precise preview of your transformed environment. Guesswork is eliminated, ensuring your workspace is optimized for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Working With Us

Our space planning services include AutoCAD drawings complete with symbols and a backup SIF worksheet, making it easier to incorporate Safco products into your entire project. Get started by selecting and filling out the design survey. Connect with a Safco sales professional for pricing. Ensure your project design is perfect! From detailed drawings to comprehensive documentation, we offer the tools you need for a smooth integration, ensuring your project is efficient, precise, and tailored to your specifications.


Explain the Solution You Need

Do you have any special needs or circumstances? Once you've gathered any related product images you have, fill out the necessary High-Density Storage survey or Techworks survey, and then provide your room dimensions. 


Connect with a Safco Representative

Our dedicated sales professionals are here to assist and walk you through the process, every step of the way! They will ensure all information is accurate and complete, and then send your project on to our space planners. 

Our Rep Locator can connect you with your local representative. 



Review With Your Client

Turn around time varies on the complexity of the project. We will send you an email with all the details that you can review with your client.

If revisions are required, your Safco representative can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Utilize our Fabrics & Finishes gallery to see our standard fabrics and finishes available – order any samples you need. We also offer non-standard laminates and customer's own material options.

If you know the finishes you want, please include them within your survey and request they be included in your rendering.
We will provide a pdf version of your quote, line drawings of your product, and a custom render for requests over $25,000 list price. Because we utilize 2020 software, we will also send you a copy of the sp4 (or sif if requested) and the dwg file.

Turn around time varies on the complexity of the project. Your Safco representative will be in contact with you all along the way.

If revisions are required, your Safco representative will assist with any changes needed.

  1. Our Space Planning team strives to provide the most comprehensive quote package, detailing what products are part of a project. Our policy is to provide one render per product/project quoted, and the minimum to receive rendering services is $25,000 list price.

  2. Our projects are never color specific, but we will try to accommodate rendering with product finish selections if we are given the directive at the onset of a project. We do not go back to update after the fact.

  3. You can find additional images and specs available for our TechWorks product collection on our website, and our design symbols are available here and through 20/20 (CAP and Giza), Project Matrix, Hedberg, and Kits Collaborator.

  1. Our space planning team can provide a basic product description of the electrical components offered and how these components and accessories install on SAFCO’s products. However, SAFCO does not provide electrical installation assistance for electrical components or ESD.

  2. The best practice for installation of electrical or ESD components is through a local electrician and Space Planning recommends THAT AN ELECTRICIAN VERIFIES ALL PLANS AND COMPLETES INSTALLATION OF ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS.