Making A Statement Through 
Workplace Design

NeoCon 2022 gave us the opportunity to tell the story 
of space and demonstrate the power of purposeful 
workplace design through dynamic settings intended 
to enhance creativity and productivity. Leveraging 
both new and legacy products, our showroom layout 
addressed the fundamental needs of people working 
alone and together, offering distinct zones designed 
to sustain concentration, promote connection, spark 
learning, and invite creativity.

Here’s what visitors experienced:

Focus areas are those that allow for distraction-
free downtime and concentration. These may
involve enclosed private offices, unassigned
private nooks, or even workstations in the open
plan. The goal of these spaces is to encourage
deep thinking and provide opportunities for
uninterrupted exploration and problem-solving.

Our showroom demonstrated different types of
areas for focus, highlighted by products such as our
Roam Touchdown Workstations, Resi Desks, ML-
Series Height-Adjustable Tables
, and Medina
Deluxe Task Seating
. To show how focus can be
achieved in the open plan, we featured an addition to
Resi Collection with a new Benching line and
Privacy units
. Also highlighted was our new
Boundaries collection, an innovative system
of reconfigurable towers that define and divide space
to minimize distractions.

Share spaces are those areas that foster
connection and encourage spontaneous interaction. Purposefully designed to be dynamic and vibrant,
these are the spaces where people can informally
gather to relax, refuel, or get inspired by mingling
with others. Whether used for impromptu meetings
or casual conversation, Share spaces help connect
people to their organization and to each other. 

Using a mixture of soft seating, such as our Learn
Hexagon Ottomans
Resi Coupe ChairsResi
, and Mirella Lounge seating, combined
with Resi Wood Top Ottomans and End Tables, we 
created welcoming settings that invited users to
gather and interact. Our showroom also featured
Cha-Cha Tables paired with Next Bistro-Height
, creating the ideal rendezvous spots for 
refreshment and conversation.

Learn areas are adaptive spaces that promote
knowledge transfer and interactive learning.
Designed to accommodate different instructional
and presentation styles, Learn spaces must also
have the flexibility to respond to evolving technology
and diverse participant needs. While classroom
settings in the education market are what typically
come to mind, Learn spaces also have a valuable
place within the workplace. These can range from
dedicated training rooms and group spaces to areas
specifically designed to enable collaborative learning 
between in-person and virtual participants.

Our Whiffle Mobile Storage, Learn Nesting Desks,
Flip Tables, and Valore Nesting Seating were
used to create various settings within our
showroom that enhanced learning activities.
These specific products were chosen to
demonstrate how their flexible design
can be responsive to sudden change.

Create spaces facilitate collaboration, exploration,
and creation. They can range from inspiring meeting
spaces that bring people together for brainstorming and decision-making to versatile makerspaces or testing labs that encourage individual curiosity
and experimentation.

To support Create activities that involve a more 
hands-on approach, we designed showroom 
settings that featured our highly durable and 
adaptable TechWorks collection. This included 
flexible benching stations and accessories that 
maximize vertical space along with efficient
storage options that help enhance workflow.
For more casual areas to enable idea sharing,
we employed Resi Coupe Seating with
Impromptu Whiteboard Screens and
Learn Soft Seating with Whiffle Mobile
Storage with Whiteboards
to facilitate
discussion and information sharing.