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Reve™ Guest Chair (Qty. 2)


Reve™ Guest Chair (Qty. 2)

Model # 4022
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The Reve™ Guest Chair is a fully-customizable office chair, featuring choice of poly or upholstery options. In addition, users can choose between sled base or straight leg frames, featuring casters or glides. The base comes in silver or chrome. Guest chairs stack up to 6 high with straight legs and 12 high with sled base.
  • Seat features poly or upholstery options
  • Guest chair available with sled or straight leg frame
  • Straight leg chair - casters or glides
  • Sled base - ganging connector glides
  • Guest chairs stack up to six high with straight legs and 12 high with sled base
Quantity Per Unit: 2
UPS Billable Weight: 81
Chair back Height (inches): 13.75
Chair back width (inches): 18
Seat Depth (inches): 17
Seat Width (inches): 18.5
Maximum Depth (inches): 33.5
Maximum Height (inches): 24.5
Maximum Width (inches): 19.75
Minimum Height (inches) Only populate if adjustable: 23.5
Minimum Width (inches) Only populate if adjustable: 19
Is Stackable: Yes
GSA Certified: No
Legal warning for RI16820IA

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